AMD is forecasting Fifa 14 Ultimate Team Coin

AMD is forecasting Fifa 14 Ultimate Team Coins 30% increase in decode operations per cycle, a 5-10% improvement in scheduling efficiency, and improved branch prediction. Some of these benefits are going to primarily impact the server market, others will favor desktop, but the bottom line is the same: Steamroller should offer a significant improvement over Piledriver. Theres been a great deal of discussion over whether or not a purported photo of the new die is actually legitimate:

Click to embiggen If it is, it shows a Steamroller design thats doubled up in a number of key areas compared to Piledriver. The L1 caches are larger, the registers are wider this could mean that AMD has gone for 256-bit registers early rather than waiting for Excavator. Theres debate, in fact, over whether this is Excavator or Steamroller, but either way, it points to significant improvements coming in the not-too-distant future.

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