sale!!! Croton Men's CN307266HBYL Ermex Light Silver Textured Dial Brown Lizard Leather Watch for sale

Croton Men's CN307266HBYL Ermex Light Silver Textured Dial Brown Lizard Leather Watch

Product Description

With a royal appeal, this Croton timepiece has a regal design and adds a refined look to your wardrobe.

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The Croton Story

The History of Croton
Croton Watch Co., Inc. was founded in 1878, when there was not the plethora of watch companies as there are contemporarily. Each manufacturer labored to create the horological wonder of the century. Croton was a small manufacturer with the philosophy that precision, quality, style and value go hand in hand.The family-owned and operated business specialized in diamond weight high-end watches that sold to small jewelry boutiques throughout the United States. As Croton’s reputation grew, there was more and more demand for their high quality watches. Croton expanded its bejeweled line, as the discriminating tastes of their customer changed.

Croton Promise of Excellence
There is a Croton Watch for just about any occasion. From 18kt gold diamond studded automatic collectibles to everyday watches in the current season's most fashionable colors and styles. From production through after sales service, Croton stands behind its product. This is the same attention to detail that has been winning the wrists of millions of Americans since 1878. You will see the same high standards exemplified by each of our timepieces in high end department stores as well as fine jewelry establishments. Each Croton Watch carries an unprecedented lifetime warranty on its movement, and the Customer Service Department prides itself on a turn around time of ten days.

Croton Limited Lifetime Warranty
Your Croton timepiece is warranted for lifetime against failures due to defective materials or workmanship. Should such a defect occur, it will be repaired free of charge (except a $15 service fee for shipping, handling and insurance) within a reasonable period of time from the date of its receipt at our factory service center.

Do not attempt to open a watch yourself. Repairs should only be performed by our repair center to ensure dust free conditions and to maintain the water resistance and accuracy of your timepiece, as well as keep in effect full coverage of the Croton warranty.This warranty does not cover free repair or replacement of cases, batteries, watchbands, straps, dials, crowns, or crystals within the warranty period since such items are subject to "wear and tear" of daily use.

Maintaining Your Croton Watch
Handle your Croton watch with care by following these instructions for the proper care of your Croton timepiece.

  • Do not expose your watch to water unless it is marked "water resistant" on the back.
  • Always have crystal or crown replaced at once when damaged to prevent exposure to dust or humidity.
  • If watch is marked 17 jewel or incabloc, wind clockwise till it is fully wound. Do not over wind.
  • If your watch has Calendar or Day features, pull out stem half way and turn until the right day appears.
  • Battery Replacement: Be sure to have the battery replaced by a qualified jeweler or our factory service center.
  • Do not attempt to open watch to replace batteries yourself as this operation must be performed by a qualified jeweler under very controlled dust free conditions.

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