Bill Gates' Benefaction - From A Niggard to Top Charitarian

Melinda was walking in a lifeless town which liked a dead town. The shops on the both sides of narrow streets were all nailed with boards. At the open-air market outside the town, several women put very few vegetables on the ground for sale, nothing else. Melinda glanced at the women walking past to see if they had shoes on. The result was disappointing to her. No, they were all barefoot. The boyfriend Gates Bill accompanied by Melinda did not believe the everything he saw. At this time, He was only 38 years old, but he has been sitting on billions of dollars of wealth. He could not imagined that there was still someone in the earth without any shoes. However, Gates's compassion had a little touch, but not put into action. His profligate character still had not changed much. At this time, Gates was till too stingy to pull out a hair.Look Sharp 5 Most Extraordinary Tiffanys , You Will Impressed!

1994 was a year that made Gates feel happy and sad in his lifetime. On New Year's Day, he got married to Melinda. At the same time, his beloved mother died because of the cancer. Such a huge change had been a great strike to the spirit and feelings of him. The world's richest man had began to rethink the meaning of life and life direction. This year, he took out 94 million U.S. dollars under his father's suggestion, established William • Gates Foundation, which is predecessor of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. However, American citizens only noted that his property rose to 12.9 billion U.S. Dollars in 1995, his charity moves rarely mentioned.Gifts of links of london jewellery at the Hottest Price

The real turning point was in 1997. 5 Hot Tiffanys Current All over the World In September this year, the payment that the USA owed to the UN had reached over 1 billion dollars, the UN which was embarrassingly short of money, was for a time on the verge of bankruptcy. Ted Turner, Forefather of CNN surprisingly donated 1billion dollars to alleviate the UN's financial crisis and promote other development programs. U.S. media had reported this magnanimous action in a prominent position, and Turner was described as the leader of a new generation of philanthropic tycoons in America. Some magazine even showed the treasure and donation of billionaires in America, and criticized Gates for his stingy personality as the richest man.

Under the report of media, in the society people`s calling for Bill Gates to donate money and to repay the society was increasing very day and became a big social stress. But it seemed to Gates that everyone had a way to contribute to the society. Microsoft offered tens of thousands of jobs, promoted the high-tech industry prosperity and stimulated the American economy. Wasn't this a contribution to the society? In 1998, Gates was facing a lawsuit of Microsoft, and he was in spiritual suffering. The "New York Times" published an article that pointed that 90% of the disease has happened in poor countries, but people in these countries, owned only 10% of the health-care resources. The article had called back the personal experience to Africa in 1993. Since then, the key point of William Gates Foundation has truned to the hygiene area.

Gates' charitable undertakings are steady increased as his rich. He planed to contribute his own property at that time more than 100 billions to help those suffering Aids and malaria patients mainly, and just left 10 millions dollars to his each children. The foundation of Bill and Melinda started working in the basement of the old home of Gates. It moved into a two floor house in Seattle later. There were 216 staffs in the foundation, including children's health counselor, lawyer, financial staffs and so on. It is said Gates will use 10 hours to do foundation work per week. Gates once publicly told employees that he had the greatest satisfaction personally in recent years, because of devoting into the cause of fairness to improve the world, he felt that makes sense.

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